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SoundGear Custom Fit Non Electronic In-The-Canal Hearing Protection

SoundGear Custom Fit Non Electronic In-The-Canal Hearing Protection

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Trust your ears to SoundGear

BUY ONLINE AND GET FITTED AT ARMSTRONG HEARING AID CENTER, TULSA, OK. This product needs to be fitted at Armstrong Hearing Aid Center

SoundGear Custom Fit Non Electronic In-The-Canal Hearing Protection for Shooters, Industrial, and Construction Workers

The sound of gun blasts, power tools, and industrial machines can damage hearing in a heartbeat. Yet hunters, recreational shooters, and workers must hear clearly to be safe and successful.

SoundGear electronic hearing protection devices answer both needs in a single product — digitally enhancing environmental awareness while simultaneously protecting your hearing from loud noises like gun blasts and engines.

Order your Custom Fit Non-Electric protective devices today and get fitted at Armstrong Hearing Aid Center at Kings Pointe Village, 6038 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135. 

Custom Fit Non-Electronic

As the industry expert in custom hearing instruments, Audibel brings that same breakthrough manufacturing to every SoundGear earplug solution. The result is the best custom-fit hearing protection on the market.

We are proud to fit SoundGear

Made by Audibel — America’s premier provider of hearing solutions — SoundGear instruments feature advanced digital technology capable of enhancing sound eight times over traditional hearing protection products. That same technology simultaneously detects loud impulse noises as they happen, instantly and automatically suppressing them to protect your hearing.

Introducing Phantom

We’re excited to fit Phantom, the world’s first custom Bluetooth, rechargeable hearing protection, and enhancement device. Phantom delivers benefits no other product can:

  • Automatic protection from loud sounds and gunshots.
  • Hear conversations and environmental sounds with ease. 
  • Custom-molded to your ear for a comfortable, personalized fit.
  • Stream calls, music, or other audio wirelessly from your phone.
  • One overnight charge ensures you’re powered all day long.

Shipping & Returns

We have a 30 day refund policy. If you have questions, please email us at

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